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<< This does NOT stop your logging software from allowing
 you to record and mark an unclaimed QSO in your log. It does stop
 your logging software from including such a QSO in the Cabrillo file
 it sends to the sponsor. Don't worry about serial numbers. As Tree
 said, the Cabrillo format provides for reporting serial numbers "as
 sent" independent of the order the QSO appears in the log.
 Wayne, W5XD >>

Does this mean the final log will have skipped serial numbers and no 
indication of a dupe? That will cause log checking headaches. I'd rather see 
a zero point dupe in the log that matches someone elses claimed valid QSO ... 
otherwise its NIL for the other guy!
I see nothing wrong with seeing two QSOs in the log where one is a dupe so 
long as it is clearly labled as such. It give me something to match against 
when checking that other log.

73, AL  AD6E
California QSO Party next weekend !!!

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