[CQ-Contest] Beam radiation Angles

Tom Hellem Thomas at cybrzn.com
Thu Sep 30 16:21:56 EDT 1999

Hi all:
A sincere thanks to all those who responded to my post of only yesterday. I 
received about a dozen!
One asked me for a summary so here goes.
By far the most often suggested material was N6BV's book "All The Right 
Angles", followed closely by ARRL Antenna Book & software. Had one mention 
of NEC4WIN95 software for modeling, and a few descriptions of antenna 
setups by contestors. K2UA's input is most helpful in that respect. Also 
had a suggestion to check out W4RNL and antennex.com websites.
I think I will hang around this reflector for a while. Seems to be a wealth 
of good info available from you guys.
Tom K0SN

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