[CQ-Contest] Doubts on the WPX Contest

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Mon Apr 3 00:10:56 EDT 2000

Hi Mauri,

Although you may have some reasons to make the 
posting of yours I think we are talking about different
things here.
CQWW and CQWPX contests are contests with
different phylosophy.  WPX contest is a "run" contest.
There you are simply trying to make as many contacts
as possible without caring too much about multipliers.
I like pile ups and that's why participating in a contest
like this for me is a GREAT FUN.
At the same time CQ WW is a completely different
contest. More difficult and with different goals.
So, let's not try to make all contests the same,please.

If we speak about strategy and dificulty ,then I think
the WAE contest is the best in this respect and that
is one of the reasons I think that participants in this
one are less than in CQ contests. In WAE one really
needs strategy to win it.
WPX also needs startegy even if it seems the easiest
one. For example we at YM3LZ this year "forgot"
that this is not 1996 and made a mistake to try to
stay on 80 and 40m first night. So, in spite of the QTH
advantage I think we lost at least another 400 QSOs.
So, every of the above mentioned contests has a stand
of its own and that is the reason they still are so popular
after so many years.
As far as plaques are concerned I received my plaques
from several contests in the past only after few years
and after asking for them several times.
My opinion is that we enter these contests because 
they are great fun and because most of us really want 
to see our calls  in Top Scores boxes. We do it not only 
for the plaques.  In this aspect I think it is much better if
the guys who are sponsoring these plaques are allowed
to send them themselves to the winners. Then things might
get faster, who knows ?

73's Wally LZ2CJ

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