[CQ-Contest] Doubts on the WPX Contest

ted demopoulos kr1g at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 3 16:39:30 EDT 2000

Well, I must disagree somewhat on strategy.

While there is less strategy than CQWW, and it is primarily a run contest, I 
can point out some strategy considerations.

1) At least stateside, it is very useful to take off some run time after 
Europe is coming in on 10m and after europe is loud on 15m to tune for South 
American multipliers. Lots of mults and funny callsigns :) and in general 
they are not going to call you.

2) Gotta work a lot of JAs for their prefixes - best luck for me seems to be 
15m at the start of the contest. I've heard a lot of prefixes are 
only/primarily available on 15m due to license restrictions, and that seems 
to be the case. This year, JAs were workable both evening and in the morning 
as well so it wasn't important.

3. Off time - whether you like it or not!! Last year I definitely took my 
off time incorrectly. This year much better strategy.

4. I ignored the "go for the highest open band to EU from the East Coast" 
rule on Saturday morning from about 12-1500 - and had my highest rates of 
the contest. Think I made the right decision, although rates would have been 
very high on 10 as well as that time.

I love the lowbands, but they were close to irrelevant this year. My score 
would probably have improved by never going to 40/80/160.


Ted, KR1G

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