[CQ-Contest] Doubts on the WPX Contest

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Apr 4 14:16:54 EDT 2000

On 4/2/00 8:20 PM, Gina and Brian Maves at maves at aloha.net wrote:

>Mind you, I
>haven't been stateside for 6 years, but as I remember, a large percentage of
>low band Qs there are stateside to stateside, thus zero points.

Except that the WPX rules for the last couple of years allow stateside to 
stateside to count as 1 point, although there is no doubling of points 
40m and below.

I suppose this turns the strategy slightly in favor of the low bands, 
perhaps not in a solar peak year.

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