[CQ-Contest] W4WS ARRL DX Write-up

Henry Heidtmann n4vhk at summitschool.com
Mon Apr 10 12:15:35 EDT 2000

After receiving numerous requests, I've posted a write up of my ARRL DX
SSB W4WS low power operation on 3830,
(http://www.contesting.com/_3830/200004/msg00081.html) I hope it is as
useful to others as all of this reflector's advice is to me! 
Thanks for the bandwidth, see you at Dayton-

Henry Heidtmann, N4VHK
Winston-Salem Contest Crew
Winston-Salem, NC


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>From Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at arrl.net>  Mon Apr 10 05:51:46 2000
From: Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at arrl.net> (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 04:51:46 +0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Florida QSO Party Logging Software available
Message-ID: <38F15DE2.657BB62B at gte.net>

Dave, K8CC, the author of "NA", a contest logging program, has just
released a FREE version of NA, called NA Demo.  

While this "demo" version of NA is a fully functioning logging program,
it does not have all the features of NA itself.

NA Demo does, however, include logging capabilities for the Florida QSO

So, if you do not already have a contest logging program, or one that
doesn't work with the Florida QSO Party, please download NA Demo and
give it a try!

You can download NA Demo from the Florida QSO Party Web Site


The Florida Contest Group thanks Dave, K8CC, for his support of the
Florida QSO Party.


73, Ron

(P.S. We are also awaiting word on the release of CT version 9.50, which
will support the Florida QSO Party)

One of the W1AW/4 Crew - IARU/WRTC-2000

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WD4AHZ Homepage - http://www.qsl.net/wd4ahz              
Sarasota Emergency Radio Club - http://www.qsl.net/serc 
Florida Contest Group - http://www.qsl.net/fcg             
Florida QSO Party 2000 April 29 & 30 - http://www.qsl.net/fqp

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>From k0il at arrl.net" <k0il at arrl.net  Sun Apr  9 22:55:41 2000
From: k0il at arrl.net" <k0il at arrl.net (Ed - K0iL)
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 16:55:41 -0500
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Nebraska QSO Party in 3 WEEKS!
Message-ID: <01BFA249.8E7C8220.k0il at uswest.net>

Only three weeks until the 5th Nebraska QSO Party begins:
April 29th--1700z to April 30th--1700z
Sponsored by Heartland DX Association.

Special Stations to look out for:

K0USA (Ak-Sar-Ben ARC) will be operating on Saturday in Douglas County as a 
Special Event from a booth at the 20 Grand Theater where they'll be showing 
the movie "Frequency" http://www.frequencymovie.com opening that weekend!

Ni0DX (Heartland DX Assoc.) will be operated by K0FG-Fred who will be 
mobile giving out "rare" Nebraska counties if you can catch him.

K0iL...That's ME! (This doesn't count as a Cluster Spot does it? ;^)

And many more...

Each year we have stations active from Cass, Dawes, Dakota, Douglas, 
Lancaster, Seward, & Sarpy counties.  Keeps your ears open for those 
mobiles going county to county giving out the rarer counties.

For NeQP rules & forms go to http://www.qsl.net/hdxa/neqso/ where they can 
be downloaded.  Or send SASE to my POB below and I'll get them out ASAP.

Record holders from last five years:
Nebraska - KB0JSU (now K0SM) (96)
US (all) - WA3HAE (99)
DX (all) - VA3IX (99)

With three QSO Parties on that weekend (NE, FL & ONT), there should be 
plenty of activity.  Just log them all and sort it out later after the 
contests!  If you're in FL or ONT, please log the full exchanges if 
possible then send in logs for all three.  If you're not in NE, FL, or ONT, 
just call CQ Contest and log us all!  It'll be the most fun you've had 
since Field Day!

Hope to see you in my log in three weeks!

de ed -K0iL
-.-.  --.-   ....  .-  --  ...   -..  .   -.-  -----  ..  .-..   -.-
           Ed Edwards    --    KOiL
 PO Box 375                        k0il at arrl.net
 Elkhorn, NE 68022-0375       k0il at qsl.net
 496-3415 home   552-5425 work   552-5505 fax
 Visit my web site:  http://www.qsl.net/k0il
 or HDXA's web site:  http://www.qsl.net/hdxa
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