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Wed Apr 19 22:31:53 EDT 2000

When I last checked the PO box on Friday, these had not arrived yet.  So 
while on a business trip this week to the Tampa, FL area, I decided to visit 
the local ham store, RT Systems, on Tuesday afternoon.  Much to my surprise, 
there were the latest QST and CQ on the bookshelf.  So I went ahead and 
picked up these, so as to have something to read in the motel room and on the 
flight back to Raleigh.

BTW, RT Systems has recent back issues of NCJ, QEX, and Communncations 
Quarterly available.  On to the current magazines ......

QST ----

Front cover photo of a scene inside Hara Arena during the 1999 Dayton 
Hamvention.  And there is a related feature story inside.

Contest related items:
New Products - HF Band-Pass Filters from Array Solutions
Short Takes - Heil Sound Goldline Studio Microphone
Hints & Kinks - Stainless Steel Fastener Source
Product Review - Acom 2000A HF Linear Amplifier
Happenings - OH2BH is the Hamvention Amateur of the Year - 2000
Results - 99 ARRL International EME Competition
Rules - ARRL Field Day and June VHF QSO Party

Other interesting items:
Operating in the UK - A Primer for US Hams
DXing on a Shoestring
Dayton Hamvention 2000, A Once-in-a-Lifetime Gathering (cover story)
Automatic Amplifier Selection for the Icom IC-746, -736 and -706MKII 
Practice Morse Code with a Java Applet
Confessions of a DXing Dad (this includes a positive paragraph on contesting)
The World Above 50 MHz column - DX Possibilities Abound
Old Radio column - Collecting Vintage QSLs
QRP Power column - Classic Used Transceivers

The Kachina Factory Store is now offering a remote control unit (505RC) for 
the 505DSP rig, and a computerized rotor controller (505ARX).
TIC GEN Direct has an ad for their TIC Ringrotors - updates for prior models 
and new models available.
Timewave Technology has ad for their DSP-599zx, PK-232/DSP, and a new ANC-4 
antenna noise eliminator (which looks just like the old JPS ANC-4 unit).
Henry Radio has ad for their new 3KD Priemier - 8877 amplifier.
CAL-AV Labs has ad for their new 2D-30 two element full-size monobander and 
DIP-30A rotatable dipole for 30 meters.

And now, on to CQ ----

Front cover photo of K1TO working on his impressive tower in Florida, with 
1/6th page of details inside (but not on the page referenced on the front 

This month's Zero Bias (editorial) column is titled Diving into the Question 
Pool; however, the best part is the second item on Sawdust and Solder, a 
followup on K2EEK's previous comments on hamfests.  (At our recent Raleigh 
hamfest, our local PVRC-NC Chapter had a CW contest simulator operating along 
with a video of a local contesters in action during a recent SSB effort)

Contest related items:
Results - 99 CQWW WPX CW Contest
CQ WW WPX CW Contest All-Time Records
Review - Heil Sound GM-V Vintage Goldline Microphone
Contesting column - A Poor Man's Contesting

Other interesting items:
A Vacation DXpedition
A Look at Amateur Radio Astronomy
The CQ WAZ Awards Program
World Of Ideas column - A "Restructured" Amateur's Guide to HF Action
What's New column - Paddlette minature keys, EZ Hang slingshot/reel, Am-Com 
ClearSpeech speaker, W4RNL Antenna Modeling Files, and G3SEK Triode Board
Radio Classics column - Collins, The Man, The Company, The Equipment
Propagation column - Sunspot Cycle 23 Progress

The Giovannini D2T "Stealth Antenna" is now available in the US, (160 - 2 M, 
single feedline, 6.6 ft boom, two 20 ft elements).

That's all from sunny west-central Florida....

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC (working and fishing this week in Clearwater, FL) 

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