[CQ-Contest] ICE vs. Dunestar, Bandpass Filters

Tim Duffy tduffy at sygnet.com
Thu Apr 27 15:29:39 EDT 2000

Several major contest stations are now using transceiver bandpass filters
(good for 200 watts) designed and built by Ed, W3NQN. About 3 years ago I
went to Ed after having problems with ICE filters and he came up with a very
solid design.
He does not make a switchable filter set, all of his units are single band.
So there are 6 small boxes for 160 thru 10.
The performance specifications are superior to either Dunestar or ICE.

WX0B is now making a multiband switched filter set based on the W3NQN

W3NQN does not have an email address. If you are interested, please send me
an email and I'll pass it to Ed.

I will be bringing a few sets of transceiver bandpass filters, Ed's new
powerline filter (7 amp) that KR6X suggested as a good isolation solution
and a few of Ed's new high power (1500 watts) band specific low pass filters
to Dayton. Please let me know if you are interested

I am not a reseller for Ed, I am just trying to help Ed sell a few filters
in appreciation for all of his hard work designing filters that most major
multi multi stations now use.

I hope that helps.

Tim K3LR

Oliver Huber wrote:

> hi contester.
> 1) a few of you might point out "it´s been discussed 100times"...
> 2) YES!! i already browsed trough the archives at contesting.com.
> doing so - i found out that after some technical changes to both of
> the filter-types ICE and Dunestar seem to have satisfied _and_ at
> the same time unsatisfied users.

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