[CQ-Contest] IOTA Operation Spots in NC?

Nat Heatwole heatwole at clark.net
Wed Aug 9 21:29:50 EDT 2000

First off, I would like to admit that this e-mail does not entirely relate
to contesting. However it does relate to IOTA's and there is an IOTA
Contest so it is somewhat relevant. Also, the information received in
answer of this e-mail might give me some possible suggestions for where to
set up camp for the IOTA Contest 2001 so I figure it is appropriate to
post this to this reflector. Having said that here goes

I'm planning to take a DXPedition/Family Vacation down to the Outer Banks
of NC this weekend (grid FM-25) and was wondering if anyone knew of any
good locations where I could set up camp to make some QSO's as IOTA NA-067
(the NC East IOTA Group)? I recognize that the Outer Banks themselves are
not an IOTA, however there are many islands in close proximity to the
Outer Banks that would count as one.

What I am really asking is does anyone know of a specific place or places
on an island near the Outer Banks that I would be able to operate from?
Preferably a place that has access to AC power, and of course the higher
the better, but I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks a lot for reading and
CU in the pileups!

73, Nat, WZ3AR
heatwole at clark.net

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