[CQ-Contest] Kenwood TS940 computer interface

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki at juno.com
Sat Aug 26 01:28:35 EDT 2000

Hi Steve,

	I also told Tom about the PIEXX unit but I had trouble
getting the PIEXX unit working with a 940 and CT contest logging 
software ver 9.27 and 9.47. I couldn't get the bandmap t work and
the unit bandswitched intermittanly so after consultation
with PIEXX, I just returned the unit.

	I wonder if anyone else reading this thread got their
940 and CT program working using the PIEXX unit


Dennis Vernacchia N6KI

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000 03:38:42 -0500 Steve Lufcy <km0l at tfs.net> writes:
>I too bought the IF-232 interface for my 940 and could not get it to 
>work. I lent it to a friend who interfaced his 870 with it, so th 
>IF-232 was good.
>Turns out that the 940 must have a chip inside for the IF232 to 
>interface with and not all 940's have it.
>I ended up buying the TS-940 IF-10B/C from PIEXX which is the 
>interface and chip that fit inside the 940 and plugs straight into a 
>serial port on the computer. This works fine and I don't need the 
>outboard box at all.
>The unit sells for $89 from PIEXX, and you can even order online from 
>Good luck es 73 de K0OU, Steve in KC
>BTW- I don't own stock in PIEXX or anything - just a satisfied 
>customer. OU
>From: 	Tom Hellem[SMTP:redpines at cybrzn.com]
>Sent: 	Thursday, August 24, 2000 7:32 PM
>To: 	contesting reflector
>Subject: 	[CQ-Contest] Kenwood TS940 computer interface
>Dear contesters:
>I recently purchased the IF-232C unit to interface my TS 940 to the =
>computer. Can't get it to work, and the 940 manual has absolutely =
>nothing in it regarding computer operation. Does anyone know if there 
>is =
>a switch, etc. inside the radio that I have to turn on, or ?????
>I also own a 440 and that manual mentions an IC that must be put into 
>the radio. Wonder if the 940 requires one also?
>Thanks for any input guys.
>Tom K0SN
>Porterfield, WI
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