[CQ-Contest] FT-1000MP Mark-V ergonomics

Chris Tran GM3WOJ gm3woj at talk21.com
Sun Aug 27 10:10:47 EDT 2000

Hello all

I've had an FT-1000MP since 1997 - I didn't like it at first but I
like some of the features, and it seems to perform well on the
crowded bands here in Europe.

I've been looking at a photo of the new Mark-V, and there are
a few things that puzzle me - I wonder how many contesters the
designers actually talked to before developing the Mark-V ?

Some observations :-
1. The badly-positioned RF PWR control has not been improved
- surely with 200W O/P driving a linear, being able to adjust power
o/p easily is even more important.
2. I don't share the designers faith in IDBT - give me selectable pieces
of quartz every time !
3. I guess the designers thought that the SPLIT button was redundant
with the 'LED' RX/TX buttons available, but I still like a separate 
SPLIT button
4. How is the audio balanced between MAIN and SUB (the photo I
have doesn't show these controls) - the concentric audio controls
on the 1000MP are OK.

Chris     GM3WOJ/GM7V

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