[CQ-Contest] Inter-station interference

Maurizio Panicara i4jmy at iol.it
Thu Aug 31 22:25:33 EDT 2000

Ferrite can be saturated but ferrite can be not saturated.
Ferrite baluns are effective as well as ferrite choker (or beads) are
effective in reducing interferences when caused by line radiation or common
If ferrite helps or disturbs only depends by what is used for and, in that,
if correctly dimensioned.
After bad experiences I prefer not to have ferrite baluns but I find very
effective chokes and ferrite clips to stop RF entering into the shack.

Mauri I4JMY

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> On 8/31/00 11:55 AM, Barry Kutner at w2up at mindspring.com wrote:
> >Andy mentioned
> >that K3LR found that ferrite baluns on antennas actually increase
> >broadband hash noise, and after removing them, there was less
> >interference between stations. Two questions:
> >1. Has anyone else verified this?
> >2. Is a Hygain BN4000 a ferrite balun?
> Huh?
> In the November 1998 issue of CQ Contest, K3LR wrote an article about a
> 3-high remote stack switch.
> Tim talks about using current chokes on all his antenna feedpoints,
> another choke at the remote antenna switching box, and a third where the
> feedline goes into the wattmeter at the shack. These chokes serve to
> isolate the sheild of the feedline.
> His comment, "It is amazing what the installation of these
> high-performance chokes has done to decrease interference and noise
> issues at my multi-multi contest station."
> Tim used a W0IYH design, which certainly uses Ferrite beads.
> Has Tim changed his mind?
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