[CQ-Contest] Re:IDing revisited...

Jan.E.Holm at telia.se Jan.E.Holm at telia.se
Fri Dec 1 08:18:13 EST 2000

      If I have time I use to QRZ on top of the pileup untill the
      guy that doesn´t ID does so, since I usually have a big
      signal I hope I will bug him bad enough so he starts to ID
      more often,  they will usualy ID right away so it works I 
      guess. If everybody would start to mess them up when
      they don´t ID often enough I think they would learn.
      Last weelend I did many times notice that EA8BH/N5TJ
      did ID very very seldom. Made me very sad since I had
      him for one of the best operators in the world, sure have
      to revise  that now. I can buy it if the station ID every 
      second QSO but the best is really every QSO just like
      Mr Niger.
      73, Jim SM2EKM

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