[CQ-Contest] Radiosport- Hawaiian style

Paul Erickson paule at sfu.ca
Sun Dec 3 17:49:46 EST 2000

Hi Arnie,

Glad you had a good time. A couple of years ago, I happened to listen
to you for a while in a phone contest (can't remember which one) one
sunday morning, and something happened which has stuck with me, and
ever since looked for the opportunity to express my appreciation. 

You were working stations at a good rate, when a "sunday morning"
op came along who obviously didn't have a clue what the contest
was about, and what information was needed for the exchange. Unlike
others I have heard, you very patiently took the time to explain
what was going on, what was needed, and even after he had taken
a fair amount of time, not once did you give any hint of annoyance,
or impatience. He left with the needed information, and the feeling
that you genuinely appreciated his taking the effort to call.

I have often seen people ask on the contest reflector how to attract
others into contesting. In my view, the graciousness you showed is
a wonderful example of how to best do that. Thank you for the 
example you provide.
cheers, Paul - VA7NT (ex VE7CQK) - email: paule at sfu.ca

"Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad..."

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