[CQ-Contest] Packet Issues

Barry Merrill w5gn at mxg.com
Sun Dec 3 15:15:25 EST 2000

I certainly agree that running stations should
ID frequently, but I noticed while running at
KL7RA with Rich's signal and double-multiplier,
every time I ID'ed, I was called by a strong
station, but by occasionally no-IDing, I could
hear those weak JAs and weak EUs that had been
there a while, and were hearable after the no-ID.

The ID-after-every-QSO seemed to be a magnet
for the serious double-multiplier seekers, and 
especially when I began to "sense" those weak
stations were there, I dropped the ID every
4-5 QSOs, which let me make a lot of QSOs
with low power, weak
 (and perhaps brand-new-to-contesting!)
stations that would have been otherwise unreadable.

This observation was made possible thanks to
the many hours Rich spent on his many towers,
and Fairbanks ain't the Carribean!

Barry, W5GN

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