[CQ-Contest] mobile radios for contesting?

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Tue Dec 5 05:58:58 EST 2000

I am considering one of the new small mobile rigs
(either IC706 or FT100) for mobile use AND
as a possible 2nd radio in contests.

(Yeah, I know a new FT1000MP would make a better
2nd, actually 1st, radio but these are lean times,
and it won't fit in my Saturn.) 

Which is the better radio for contesting?
Are there any serious constraints to either (like no
computer interface or lousy filtering) that would make
it really bad idea. I'm willing to live with some
restrictions but if it doesn't play worth a darn - 
why bother. 

I've actually heard lots of 2nd hand info the IC706 
but very little about the FT100. (I've also been told not to
bother with the Kenwood or Alinco.) So, what's the word
from the masses - especially first hand info?

dink, n7wa

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