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You quoted my post without my call - it's K8DO and the name is Denny and I
can be found on here on any given day... -  I made that statement, that you
quote out of context,  and I stand by it... (misspelling included :)

When you have competing DX windows promoted by differing contest sponsors,
and even by countries with different band plans, there is NO way to be in
compliance with everyone... I was discussing CQWW where contestors generally
respect 30-35 as the DX window, as I do...  Yet, I have seen 25 - 30
promoted as the window, as well as 30 - 40, etc... If I follow everyone's
exclusions I will be below 10 or above 40...   That simply won't work, or as
my pappy used to say, "That dog don't hunt no more!"   So, if I am at 29 or
36 and you show up on my frequency to whine at me, you will be ignored, or
trampled, whichever seems appropriate...  If that is ungentlemanly, why are
you deliberately causing qrm on MY frequency when  I am calling CQ for DX?

If you want a new viewpoint go to 28028 and call CQ  when the CB south
American stations are in there on phone... You will be roundly reviled as
being the violator, yet if you look at the ARRL bandplan you ARE in the USA
cw subband... So, who is the non gentleman then?  On 40 and 80 the
canadian/dx phone bands go way down into our exclusive cw/digital
subbands.... Does that mean I have to totally abandon prime parts of those
bands or not be a gentleman? You need to expand your horizons a bit Tom...


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> Being a relatively new contesting ham I have followed the DX window
> with interest. I thought that most people would just agree where the
> is and abide by it. I see that it isn't that simple. I was informed by
> someone that I was in the window and upon looking down at the frequency
> noticed I was in fact in the window. Seems I had been listening for a hole
> to run a frequency and plopped right down in between (at least) two other
> hams in the DX window between 30-35. I apologized and moved. But hearing a
> couple of the comments. ..". The rest of the time I do as I darn well
> and whiners are ignored (or trasmpled)... " suggests that some just don't
> care.. and in the "gentlemans" band yet. All for what? a chance at a
> with your name on it? If you need one that bad let me know and I'll buy
> one.
> Name not withheld.
> Stand up for what you believe
> AE9B
> Tom
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