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Tue Dec 5 13:21:53 EST 2000

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<< I hope the Cabrillo "foundation" addresses this issue soon.  It seems to 
me to be the one true missing ingredient in an otherwise complete format.
 Being able to zero-out an entry is invaluable for all kinds of operating 
mistakes including the hitting of the enter key too soon, and accidental 
10-min violations for Multi-singles.

I would suggest to software writers and log checkers - and this is only a 
suggestion, not an approved (as of yet) way to do it - that some sort of 
"Don't count this qso for points" data option be available in an appropriate 
data field, that could be entered at the time of QSO or after the fact if 
needed.  Something like "DX"  as a state when operating ARRL DX from outside 
the USA, "00" as a zone in CQWW, "XXX" for the power in ARRL DX from inside 
the USA, etc.

This would also provide a way to log qsos with non-eligible stations (e.g. 
other DX when operating ARRL DX from outside the USA) without either the 
cumbersome ALT-N or entering a valid but phony QTH which would then require 
post-contest removal.

73  - Jim   K8MR

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