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Jerry Keller dxdog at rcn.com
Mon Dec 11 13:32:26 EST 2000

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From: Nat Heatwole <heatwole at clark.net>
> Put into other words, I guess my question is: should one ID twice each CQ
> different phonetics, or just once in only one pair of phonetics (perhaps
> sprinkling some different phonetics in every now and then on a QRZ

Nat...I'm just a beginner at this, but let's see if I have learned anything.
I think the shorter one is the better choice. I like the pace to move right
along, so I can get into a rhythm. If one station doesn't get it the first
time, another will.... and I can work that guy and THEN work the one who has
to listen twice. Short calls, short pauses, keep the call out there so
nobody S & P's right past me, but so they don't have to wait long either.
And I try to end each Q with my call so the guy waiting will have another
shot, or can decide if he's worked me already. I hear many of the
experienced ops doing stuff like this, and it works for them.
Good luck!!  Jerry K3MGT

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