Fw: [CQ-Contest] [CQ-CONTEST] IDing During a CQ

Tim Makins, EI8IC ei8ic at eircom.net
Tue Dec 12 19:55:39 EST 2000

Hi all - my callsign is ECHO INDIA EIGHT INDIA CHARLIE.  If I had a dollar
for every time someone replied ' HOTEL INDIA EIGHT INDIA CHARLIE ? ' I could
afford that new FT1000MP I've been dreaming of.  Its not just hopefulness -
often the band isn't remotely open to HI.  Trouble is, there's not an easy
alternative to 'ECHO' - contacting S.America I am often successful with
ECUADOR ITALY EIGHT ... but elsewhere, it doesn't work.  ENGLAND INDIA EIGHT
isn't much help as some people think England is spelt  as Ingland - its also
politically incorrect to use in Ireland.  So, any suggestions ???

Tim Makins, EI8IC

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From: "Bob Naumann - N5NJ" <n5nj at gte.net>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] [CQ-CONTEST] IDing During a CQ>
> Use of standard phonetics is preferred.
> Only if the standard phonetics are misinterpreted should you try
> non-standard phonetics.
> Robert E. Naumann
> N5NJ / V26O

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