[CQ-Contest] Band edges?

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Fri Dec 15 23:23:35 EST 2000

> Today, I had the pleasure of receiving an OO card 

I had one a couple of years ago, although I was in the wrong. I sent the guy a 
letter (or e-mail, can't remember which) and explained the circumstances (it was 
an honest mistake) and he was so blown away that he didn't get ripped, he sent 
a copy of my note to some of his fellow OOs, and a thank you note to me.

My suggestion is to send a reply quoting the source you cite below and state 
your respectful disagreement with his conclusion, but that you appreciate his 
efforts. Copy the relevant parties, including the FCC.
> I was curious, and went to the ARRL Handbook. According to it, 
> there is a linear relationship between bandwidth and CW speed. 
> There is an example, stating a 60 WPM CW signal has a 
> bandwidth of 150 Hz. As I was sending about 32-34 WPM, my 
> bandwidth was about 80 Hz.
> ...or is this OO misinformed 

I would think so based on what you said, although there is always another side 
to the story...

Engage in a dialogue. Maybe the too of you aren't thinking along the same lines.

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