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Milt Jensen miltj at dvec.org
Mon Dec 18 10:01:50 EST 2000

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From: Scott Ellington <sdelling at facstaff.wisc.edu> Wrote:

> On a crowded band, the station calling CQ
> may have a clear window only a couple hundred Hz wide.  If you call
outside that
> window, you're probably not going to be heard.  Or worse, another station
> respond to you, resulting in an invalid QSO.
> In every contest, I find many callers 500 Hz or more from my transmitter
> frequency.  No doubt I miss many more.  Even if the QRM isn't bad, it
takes a
> while to tune the RIT over that 1 kHz range, so often I only get a partial
>  Every CW contester needs to know exactly where the transmitter is.   If
> not sure of your technique or the alignment of your transceiver, check it
> with a separate receiver.
> 73,
> Scott  K9MA

Over the last couple of years I have experienced the same thing, mostly with
stations transmitting to the low side of my frequency.  I have often
questioned whether
I was ulilizing my MP correctly.  I have reviewed the procedures as
explained in the
operating manual and feel comfortable that I am set up correctly.  When I S
& P, I
have NOT noticed this problem.  The MP does have much sharper filters than
transceivers I have used in the past.

Milt, N5IA

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