[CQ-Contest] AGCW-Happy New Year-Contest

Felix J. Riess felix at dl5xl.de
Fri Dec 22 07:07:54 EST 2000

                Happy New Year Contest

SPONSOR:        Activity Group Telegraphy, Germany (AGCW-DL)

DATE:           Annually on January 1st

TIME:           0900 - 1200 UTC

PARTICIPANTS:   All licensed amateurs and SWLs

FREQUENCIES:    3,510 - 3,560 kHz; 7,010 - 7,040 kHz; 14,010 - 14,060 kHz

OPERATION:      Only single operators, only CW (A1A). The use of keyboards
                and automatic CW decoders is not allowed. All logs must
                contain a declaration that the contest rules have been

CALL:           CQ TEST AGCW

CATEGORIES:     1: more than 150 W RF output or 300 W DC input
                2: max. 150 W out or 300 W in
                3: max. 5 W out or 10 W in
                4: SWL

EXCHANGE:       RST + serial number (common for all bands).
                AGCW members add their membership number.
                Example: 579005/1502

SCORING SYSTEM: QSO points: Every contacted station counts one QSO point
                per band. The same station may be worked on different
                bands. SWL logs have to contain both callsigns and at
                least one report.

MULTIPLIERS:    Every worked AGCW member counts as multiplier point.

FINAL SCORE:    The sum of the QSO points multiplied by the sum of
                multiplier points.

NOTE:           Non observance of the rules will lead to disqualification!
                All logs must contain a declaration that the contest rules
                have been respected. Send SASE or SAE plus one IRC to
                receive a list of the results (Be sure to add your
                complete postal address). The results will also be posted
                to the AGCW board of the Packet Radio BBS network and to
                the AGCW home page. Additionally, they will be published
                in 'AGCW-Info'.

LOGS:           Deadline is January 31.

MANAGER:        Uwe Neumann, DH9YAT
                Kiefernweg 8
                D-32049 Herford

                Logs submitted per e-mail are welcome.
                E-mail address: hnyc at agcw.de

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST at contesting.com

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