[CQ-Contest] BD fix and Cabrillo converter

Paul Wade W1GHZ N1BWT& Beth Wade N1SAI wade at tiac.net
Sat Dec 23 10:46:11 EST 2000

two bits of software - one fixed, one new:

1. I've gotten occasional complaints that the BD program would calculate
    erroneous grid squares at the very edge of a grid.  finally, OK2PIN
    sent a firm example of the error, so that I could look for the cause.
    I found three small errors in the code and fixed them, and Mike, W9IP,
    recompiled the program: now BD_2000

2. The ARRL now requires contest logs to be submitted electronically in
    Cabrillo format, which seems to have created much consternation.  Since
    I am happy with the old logging program I use and don't wish to get
    use a big Windows PC to run a newer program, I wrote a converter to
    convert from the old ARRL format to the new Cabrillo format.

    this converter, ARRL2CBR, takes the old .LOG file, with no summary,
    converts it to the new format, and prompts for the information to format
    the Cabrillo file summary section.

    ARRL2CBR probably still has some bugs and may not work properly with log
    files created by all logging programs.   however, I am willing to fiddle
    if needed; try it out now, before the contest, on last year's log, not the
    night before the entry deadline.  currently it ONLY works for VHF 

    ARRL2CBR is a Perl script, arrl2cbr.pl, which has been compiled into an
    executable, ARRL2CBR.EXE, which runs standalone.  the zip file contains
    both, so if you'd like to improve it, download Perl from
    www.activestate.com, get a copy of "Perl for Dummies," and have at it.

both of these are available on my web page, www.w1ghz.cx

73 and Merry Christmas to all

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