[CQ-Contest] AGCW-QRP Winter/Summer Contest

Felix J. Riess felix at dl5xl.de
Tue Dec 26 05:39:27 EST 2000

                     AGCW - QRP Winter/Summer Contest

QRP WINTER CONTEST:  1st complete weekend in January (January 6-7, 2001)
QRP SUMMER CONTEST:  3rd complete weekend in July (July 21-22, 2001)

Time:                Saturday 1500 UTC to Sunday 1500 UTC.
                     One or more breaks of a total length of 9 hours must be
                     taken. The longest one of the breaks must be at least
                     five hours long.

Participants:        All licensed amateurs and SWLs. Single-OP only, only
                     one single TX and one single RX or one single TRX is
                     allowed at any given time. Mode is only CW (A1A). The
                     use of keyboards and automatic CW decoders is not

Call:                CQ QRP TEST

Klassen:             VLP: Very Low Power = max.       1W Output or  2W Input
                     QRP: Classic QRP    = max.       5W Output or 10W Input
                     MP:  Moderate Power = max.      25W Output or 50W Input
                     QRO: High Power     = more than 25W Output or 50W Input

Exchange:            RST, QSO-number, category e.g. 579001/QRP

Bands:               80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m

Scoring:             QRO station with QRO station:    0 points
                     QRO station with MP station:     2 points
                     QRO station with QRP station:    2 points
                     QRO station with VLP station:    2 points
                     MP station with MP station:      2 points
                     MP station with QRP station:     2 points
                     MP station with VLP station:     2 points
                     QRP station with QRP station:    3 points
                     QRP station with VLP station:    3 points
                     VLP station with VLP station:    3 points

Multipliers:         one multiplier point for every DXCC country per band

Final Score:         Sum of QSO-points multiplied by sum of multiplier
                     points of all bands used

Logs:                Columns: UTC, Call, exchange sent, exchange received,
                     multiplier points, QSO points. Separate log sheets for
                     each band are required.

                     Cover sheet: own call, address rig and power used in
                     the contest, final score claimed, word of honor to have
                     obeyed this contest's rules, operator's signature.

                     Violation of the rules of the contest will be deemed
                     sufficient cause for disqualification.

                     There are awards for the first, second and third place
                     in each class and placement cards for each entrant.

Deadline:            February 10 resp. August 31 (arriving date at contest
                     manager's address!). Checklogs are welcome as well as
                     any comments by participants.

                     Send SASE or SAE plus one IRC to receive a list of the
                     results (Be sure to add your complete postal address).
                     The results will also be posted to the AGCW board of
                     the Packet Radio BBS network and to the AGCW home page.
                     Additionally, they will be published in 'AGCW-Info'.

Manager:             Lutz Noack, DL4DRA
                     Hochschulstrasse 30/702
                     D-01069 Dresden
                     E-Mail: qrp-test at agcw.de

Note:                Rules will be revised in 2002.

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST at contesting.com

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