[CQ-Contest] Re: 2-Radio Interference

Maurizio Panicara i4jmy at iol.it
Tue Dec 26 19:30:17 EST 2000

When the PLL phase noise is the matter and that PLL (or a similar one) is
used also by the receiver, not only the transmitter is guilty in generating
a broad band (in band) noise but also the receiver can be.
Who's lucky to be competent enough to deal with the PLL loop filter and
requires very sophisticated performances by his station, like an in band
full duplex, can try the proper modifications and enhancements to his RTX
when not satisfyed about the factory performances.
Actually, using band filters and unmodified IC781, IC 765, Kenwood 950 with
antennas for 6 bands installed only within a diameter of 25 meters (about 75
feet) and using some stubs on the TX ends we didn't note any incurable hash
noise problem on the different bands.
Is true that some of the recent RTX is not extremely clean and that not all
contesters have the technical background to modify rigs but on the other
hand it's true that a number of decent equipment exist and the use of a 2nd
radio on a different band is practical and doesn't require the use of older
equipment that suffer of other serious and unavoidable gaps under the
contesters perspective that, I suppose, is proper one on this reflector.

Mauri I4JMY

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