[CQ-Contest] 2-Radio Interference Question

Kurt Andress K7NV at contesting.com
Wed Dec 27 14:00:00 EST 2000

I could use some of the collective wisdom around here,

I've been working on improving the isolation between the
2R's here and found something that I could use some help

I've got two TS930's, R1 with a narrow set of International
Radio cw filters, and R2 has a wider set of Fox Tango

When testing at 125w output, R2 never hears any phase noise
when R1 is transmitting. R1 always hears phase noise when R2
is transmitting. 

This is very consistent with any combination of antennas
and/or directions, as expected the noise level is greatest
when the antennas are pointed at each other, and least when
going away from themselves.

The appropriate application of stubs are effective, but it
is curious to me that there isn't similar noise going both

I seems that there might be a problem with R2, or the
plumbing on that station that needs fixing. I'm going to
play with the plumbing to see if it tells any stories.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Best Holiday Wishes!
73, Kurt, K7NV

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