[CQ-Contest] TS-950SD & RTTY ??

Marty Tippin martyt at pobox.com
Thu Dec 28 19:38:48 EST 2000

Would like to hear from anyone currently (or formerly) running the Kenwood 
TS-950SD in RTTY contests - pros, cons, whatever. Considering trading some 
"stuff" here for one and would like to know how it plays on RTTY.

Also any comments in general about this rig (not the 950S, not the 950SDX, 
please!) and its performance as a main contesting station would be 
appreciated. I would be using this rig primarily for SO2R RTTY work, as 
well as some SSB work - no CW is planned so I don't really care how it 
performs on that mode. Also interested in knowing how well it interfaces 
with the PC (I run WriteLog here for contests).

I've read the ARRL review of this rig and it's not all roses - from what I 
gather, the sub-receiver is mostly worthless outside of SSB contests, since 
you can't select filters to be used with it.

Prefer direct replies as it's probably not general interest to the group. 
I'll summarize if there's any interest.


-Marty NW0L
  martyt at pobox.com

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