[CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB

Larry Lindblom w0etc at ix.netcom.com
Sat Dec 30 17:49:04 EST 2000

The Tennessee Contest Group (TCG) invites one and all no matter where
you are located to participate on a TCG team in the January NAQP SSB
contest.  Based on our past track record in NAQP we will have
sufficient teams for all levels of competition including those who are
dead serious, semi-serious, or just playing around for a few hours.

In my view TCG is a great bunch of people who view contesting as what
it should be.  That is,  having fun while doing the best you can do
within your resources and time you have available for contesting.

I encourage anyone who will participate in NAQP SSB and does not have
a team affiliation to sign on with us and join in the fun.  If you'd
like to be on one of our teams please send e-mail to me.  BTW, if your
interest lies in NAQP CW please e-mail W4PA at Yahoo.com

Larry L. W0ETC  in IA
Organizer for the Jan NAQP SSB TCG Teams

(That's right, TCG is so open minded they are allowing an out of
stater to organize their NAQP SSB teams.)

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