[CQ-Contest] 2 Radios and Stacked Tri-banders??

Dan Levin djl at andlev.com
Sun Dec 31 14:29:38 EST 2000

I am in the process of installing 2 C-31XR's stacked 50' apart on a crank-up
tower.  Both are rotatable (the lower one on a Ring Rotor).  I want to run 2
radios for contesting.  There are two obvious options:

1) Rig the tri-banders for use with 2 radios.  That means separate feed
lines, 3 StackMatches (or equiv)., and a SixPack (or equiv.).

2) Rig the tri-banders for radio 1 (with 1 StackMatch), and put up a
separate antenna (probably either a low C-3 or a tri-band vertical) for
radio 2.  I can put the second antenna about 400' away from the main stack.

Any thoughts on which way to go?  Seems to me that if the separate feedlines
on the C-31's really works, then the upside of using them for both radios is
excellent performance on radio 2.  The downside is money (or time to build
un-un's), and a complicated cabling harness.  The much simpler approach is a
separate antenna, and I will also get much better isolation (esp. if I use a
vertical, neh?).  Decisions, decisions...

Thanks for your thoughts!

            ***dan, K6IF

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