Robert Bajuk robert.bajuk at kiss.uni-lj.si
Tue Feb 1 21:37:28 EST 2000


Ljubljana, February 1st 2000

To whom it may concern or being interested, we hereby announce the program
of activities planned during the WRTC2000. Only most important activities
are listed. Other events will also be organized during the week of WRTC,
such as meetings, forums, etc. Should anyone wish to propose or organize
other events, please contact us immediately at: SCC at bit.si

Below is the time schedule for the WRTC2000.

Day 1 - Wednesday, 5th July 2000

0800  Official beginning; the contest/liason office is opened
1600  welcome meeting
2100  Meeting (Judges, Referees and Organization Committee)

Day 2 - Thursday, 6th July 2000

0900  Meeting attended by competitors and members of the Contest Committee.
          For other participants excursion will be organized.
1600  Competition - "Pile-up tapes"
2000  Opening ceremony
2100  Hospitality suites (sponsored by different nations or organizations)

Day 3 - Friday, 7th July 2000

0900  Location draw attended by competitors, judges, referees and other
          officials.For other participants excursion will be organized;
1400  Competitors and judges start moving to different locations around
          Slovenia. They will return to Bled on Sunday, 16th July until 1600
           local time.

Day 4 - Saturday, 8th July 2000

1400  WRTC2000 competition starts. For other participants excursion will be

Day 5 - Sunday, 9th July 2000

1400  WRTC2000 competition ends. For other participants excursion will be
2000  Hospitality suites

Day 6 - Monday, 10th July 2000

0900  Excursion for competitors and other participants
1900  Winners announcement and closing ceremony
2000  Gala dinner

Day 7 - Tuesday, 11th July 2000


P.S. Times are local time (UTC +2 hours)

73, Tine Brajnik, S50A
President, Organization Committee
WRTC2000 - Organization Committee
SENT by Robert, S57AW: February 1st at 21.40 GMT

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