[CQ-Contest] Knee switches

Tom Horton k5iid at wvadventures.net
Thu Feb 3 14:28:29 EST 2000

I thought that I send a message to Jim and the reflectors yesterday
regarding this, but it never showed up in my e-mail, so will run it by again
just in case someone might be interested.
 I have been using foot switches for well over 30 years...they certainly do
help to kee your hands free and you don't have the problems associated with
VOX, But several years ago, I saw something about a knee switch, I have
since begun to mount a foot switch on the inside cubbyhole (the part where
your chair slides inside the desk...whatever it is really called) part of my
operating desk.  I just mount it with velcro and it works great...at least
it has for about 10 years or so. I still have a foot switch on the floor ,
push to talk on the mic and  sometimes I just use VOX.
Another thing that a buddy of mine did 40 years ago was to take an old hand
key and use it for a foot switch.
73, Tom K5IID

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