[CQ-Contest] Sprint

Bruce Lallathin aa8u at modempool.com
Thu Feb 3 21:34:34 EST 2000

I just surfed over to the NCJ web site to get the rules for the Sprint. I 
was led to believe the SSB Sprint will be held this weekend, but there 
isn't a current announcement there. Judging by that I would say there won't 
be any Sprint this weekend.

Since I'm registered for one of the MRRC teams I'll be on for it, I'm 
guessing at 00Z Saturday. I'll start out on 40M and see if I'm the only one 
there. So, we can all show up and make like we're doing a Sprint, sponsor 
or not. With the 3830 reflector, we'll even know who won. Who needs a 
sponsor anyway? Or rules...

Just seems the sponsors could keep the web page info current, or did they 
go on DXpedition and leave us in the lurch? 

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