[CQ-Contest] Problem wity my G-1000

Vitor Luis PY2NY py2ny at asbyte.com.br
Fri Feb 4 20:41:40 EST 2000

Hello Contesters

I´m finishing cabling my rotator (G-1000-SDX)
right now.
Using 5 x 1mm cable (30 meters), and following
all instructions, but no working.
The needle leave 180 turning CW one lap,
passing 180 mark again and stoping at
230 mark, with overlap lamp ON.
Using command Left or Right give us
no answer. Nothing is happening with
rotator. All connections were reviewed
and I´m sure that they are like in
the manual...
I´m sure that forgot something, but
I don´t know - and we was planning
to put it up this week end.
Any sugestion will be nice.
Could be pins notation on the manual
wrong ?


PY2NY - Vitor

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