[CQ-Contest] Foot Switches

Kimo C. Chun kimo at lava.net
Sat Feb 5 14:51:38 EST 2000

The industrial "Treadlite" and similar footswitches may be harder to =
push but I wonder if you can rest your foot on it without it keying. I
= suppose it may depend on how heavy your "at rest" step is.

The smaller models (the size of the Heil unit) may be mounted on a
sheet of wood but don't offer "support". Others have posted info on =
custom additions. One of these models tends to fall apart after heavy
use as = its pivots are screws into threads in the body of the pedal.

I believe the "action" people are referring to is "Treadle."  By =
mounting a switch under one end of a pedal that rocks back and forth
like a child's "see-saw" or "teeter-totter" you provide support by
balancing the foot.  The multi pedal unit used with cassette tape
transcribing machines is a good example. It will even provide, usually
three switches that can be used for different functions. The large
main pedal/switch being for PTT use. It is made for resting the foot
on the pedal and repetitious = use.

Aloha, 73 Kimo Chun,  KH7U

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