[CQ-Contest] Interperetation of CQ rule

Joseph B. Fitzgerald jfitzgerald at alum.WPI.EDU
Mon Feb 7 09:44:14 EST 2000

The folks running CQ WPX and WW contests have included a curious phrase in
their contest rules.  Several of us in YCCC land have been discussing
this, but cannot come to consensus. 

"All antennas used by the entrant must be physically connected by wires to
the transmitters and receivers used by the entrant"

Some  say that this is intended to disallow multiple remote sites (i.e.
transmitters/receivers on different continents, etc), however these
scenarios seem to be already disallowed by "Transmitters and receivers
must be located within a 500 meter diameter circle or within the property
limits of the station licensee, whichever is greater".   In any event
wouldn't the antennas need to be physically connected to the

Also, does this rule disallow capacitive/magnetic coupling of antennas?
Reading the letter of the rule, certain baluns, filters as well as the
transformers in beverage systems are not allowed.  Certainly this is not
the intent of the rule.

Curiously, CQ-RTTY has a similar rule, but it only applies to Multi/Multi
stations.  CQ-VHF does not have a similar rule, so I guess waveguide is
OK, but niether does CQ-160.  Anyone using waveguide on 160?  

Why was this phrase included and why was it worded the way it is?

-Joe KM1P

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