[CQ-Contest] Remote Antennas and More

Gary and Jane Nieborsky neborsky at ior.com
Mon Feb 7 23:05:14 EST 2000

There is "pushing the contest envelope" but this goes well beyond the pale.
Remote operating within a reasonable geographical boundary  is technology
utilized to advance our hobby......5A, 3C0 etc. via a cyber contest
dx-pedition is entirely against the spirit of the game.  Yeah it's cool and
might crank the same folks interested in developing/using cyber-sex suits
but nothing in it advances contesting.

If we're hung up on the meaning of the rule and want it changed then I
suggest the following: "Remote operation of a transmitter/receiver site is
permissible under the following conditions: 1. The site is no more than 50
km from the control point.  2. The site must be within the same DX entity as
the control point.  3. The control point may only control one remote site
during the contest.  4. All operators must operate from the same control

Just a thought.....since I now fit into the class of contestor called
"covenant challenged" and am putting together a remote station......

Gary K7FR

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