[CQ-Contest] IARU HF World Championship!

Gediminas Lucinskas ly3ba at takas.lt
Wed Feb 9 21:05:58 EST 2000

Finaly, 1999 IARU HF World Championship results in my hands!
Looks like, no one, familiar with the contesting revised them before
Few years ago I already posted message on the reflector with the big 
disappointment because of very poor contest judging:
in 1996 IARU HF World Championship LY5W took part in Mixed category-
He worked the same stations twice on the same band - CW&SSB.
Somehow (!?) He put wrong participating category on the Summary
Sheet - SO CW.  Since We are talking about the contest with most
prestige name in the radio amateurs World -  I A R U  H F  W O R L D
C H A M P I O N S H I P -We do not need even guess what happened!
Log checkers even did not look inside of his big log and had put the 
Callsign high in the top ten SO CW! (Nr 4).
I almost sure, there was possible to win championship in that year
with good callbook in the hands, not spending single Cent for electricity
to feed radio!

Just 3 years later We can see similar situation. 
We can find lot of panegyric to the Multi Single Team (New World Record
holders according to the Contest Branch Manager comments) Winner
R1MV in the contest results comments, while every one knows (except contest
committee members of course) - it was 
SRR Headquarter Station, operating simultaneously on all bands, giving
out contest exchange 59(9)SRR. How about 10 minutes rule?
Looks like judges did not look inside the log again!

I thing, if IARU contest committee do not want to put  Contesting in to the
disrepute, they should either:
- to improve judging cardinal, or
- refuse to use words WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the contest title.

73! Gedas,LY3BA
P.S. After analysing of ARRL CW Contest results I found out there was no
multipliers checking at all! I found out the guy which lost more
than 600 QSO's , did not lost any single multiplier, and won not the last
place in one of the TOPs! How it is possible?

P.P.S. seems to me contest manager is the same.

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