[CQ-Contest] IC751A/AEA CK1 combo

Mike Tessmer k9nw at qth.com
Fri Feb 11 18:54:39 EST 2000

I decided to dig up my old AEA CK1 Keyer (remember those?) to use with the
Icom IC751A that I have.  The internal keyer on the radio is nice but
doesn't do everything you'd like a "real" keyer to do.

For some reason when I plug it into the key jack on the radio, I get:

-- only dashes without even closing the paddles (2 conductor 1/4 plug)
-- alternating dots and dashes when I close either side of the paddles (3
conductor 1/4 plug)
(I was just trying anything I could think of...no difference if the
internal keyer was turned on or off.  Have always used the 2 conductor plug
mated with and RCA adapter as that's what comes out of the keyer.)

I'm obviously missing something here.  I've used the CK1 with a lot of
different radios in the 20 years I've had it, including a LOT of use with
an IC751 (no A.)  I'm guessing the internal keyer on the 751A is the root
of the problem.  The manual is useless.  Any clues?  I'm clueless.....


Mike K9NW

Mike Tessmer,  K9NW
mtessmer at mindspring.com

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