[CQ-Contest] Where's my IARU "chair"?

Scott Robbins w4pa at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 11 18:38:12 EST 2000

One pair of Radio Shack headphones: $18

One plane ticket: $335

One discount rental car: $92

The ability to operate somewhere for IARU HF 2000:

Perennial guest operator seeks location to operate all-out
CW-only effort for IARU HF 2000 the 2nd weekend of
July.  Operator's usual guest-op location will be in use by
station owner to operate himself for contest (what nerve!
sheesh!....)   Would prefer reasonable driving distance from
Knoxville, Tenn., but willing to fly.  Can bring laptop and
related devices, and as much or as little radio gear as
required for single op/2 radio if antennas and QTH are
suitable.  One of you Slovenia bound folk should allow me
to come feed your cats and run your electricity bill up.....

RSVP Scott Robbins W4PA
w4pa at bellsouth.net

SPRINT !  24 hours away.  I'm a little excited.  :-)

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