[CQ-Contest] ARRL CW Op Avail NW

Dan Weisenburger danweisenburger at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 14 00:29:55 EST 2000

Hi find myself suddenly attending an RF Conference at work later this =
week in Bellevue Washington.  I will be staying over the weekend and am =
available as a multiplier hunter for any MS/MM operations.

I'd like very much to join with a group that could use an extra hand and =
a pair of ears.

Please respond to one of the following email addresses.

kw4t at forestlake.com

kw4t at mindspring.com

jdweise at uswest.com

That last address is my work address and I'll be there until noon on =
Wednesday C.S.T.

73 from Lake Moneysgone,  Dan,  KW4T

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