[CQ-Contest] W4AN Status

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Wed Feb 16 10:53:50 EST 2000

I've had a lot of questions recently about my status and the status of
contesting.com.  So, let me fill you all in.  

I'm most likely going to be moving to Seattle Washington this summer to
help start another company.  My businesses here in Atlanta pretty much run
themselves now because we have a great management team and we give them
control to run things.  So nothing will change here.  Contesting.com will
continue to be hosted by Akorn Access and run by Leigh Jones (KR6X), Jim
Reisert (AD1C), Dave Pascoe (KM3T), Randy Thompson (K5ZD) and Trey
Garlough (N5KO).  

As for me, I will probably not be doing as much contesting for the next
several years.  My wife and I are building a house at our mountain QTH
where my station is now.  The house should be done by the summer and we
will use it as our home in Atlanta.  I hope to be part of a few
multi-multi operations from K3LR, KC1XX, or N2RM if time permits and they
will have me.

As for my station...  I've put out a few feelers to see if anyone wants to
maintain it in exchange for operating rights.  So far no takers.  With
everyone getting up in age, nobody seems to want to climb towers any
more.  I can't blame them I guess.  But I will have two FT1000MPs, amps,
and all the aluminum available to anyone who wants to keep it
running.  You'll have to share with K4BAI though. 



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