[CQ-Contest] The UNLIMITED category.

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at contesting.com
Thu Feb 17 10:36:04 EST 2000

With the internet and absolutely intriguing technical possibilities,
isn't it time to quit worrying about some technological advance messing
with the competitive balance and create an UNLIMITED category limited
only by the general rules of the contest.

You would have SOUL and MOUL Let them run receivers and transmitters
linked all over the world if they want to. Their scores would not be
compared against standard categories. Just a big brawl class. If
something concrete and popular emerges in time, then define it and set
up a new competitive class.

UL: try anything new. See if it works. Maybe we will be leaders in
technology advance again. Contests are to radio equipment what NASCAR
races are to tires and engines. Something breaks the envelope, there are
always the complainers, but if it really works, then pretty soon
everyone has it and the rules change.

Haven't we gotten a bit calcified and stodgy?

- - . . .   . . . - -     .   . . .     - - .   . - . .

73, Guy
k2av at contesting.com
Apex, NC, USA

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