[CQ-Contest] The UNLIMITED category.

George Claussen georgec at seanet.com
Wed Feb 16 18:28:41 EST 2000

What a great idea Guy! And it seems to me that this reflector
is the ideal forum for "blue-skying" the concept, to find out
just how far the envelope can be conceptually pushed ! I will
make one contribution, then sit back and watch the creative
ideas come forth.  What if the contest stations have EME capability,
and up/down convert the signals accordingly, then HF propagation
will play a lesser role for those times that the contest stations
share the EME window. Gives a whole new meaning to "All-Band" !
All in good fun, and a hearty 73, de George, N7GC, Grayland, WA

At 10:36 AM 2/17/00 -0500, Guy Olinger, K2AV wrote:
>With the internet and absolutely intriguing technical possibilities,
>isn't it time to quit worrying about some technological advance messing
>with the competitive balance and create an UNLIMITED category limited
>only by the general rules of the contest.

Remainder of Guy's message deleted to conserve electrons, a dwindling 

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