[CQ-Contest] RadioSOUL

Jim Idelson jimi at designet.com
Thu Feb 17 17:55:55 EST 2000

Well, imagine is all you can do, because as of today, the domain names 
www.radiosoul.net, www.radiosoul.com and www.radiosoul.org are all taken. You 
can have your choice of "radiomoul" domain names, though. So, I guess this has 
to be a multi-op-only category.

>Just imagine, WWW.RADIOSOUL.NET with real-time chat allowing you to taunt your 
competition as the instantaneous scoring shows you in the lead thanks to great 
propagation from your exclusive FW and ZA stations. It would even eliminate the 
East Coast advantage. I guess it will never be implemented.


Jim K1IR

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