[CQ-Contest] Re: The UNLIMITED category

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 18 10:37:03 EST 2000


The current rules already prohibit remote sites. And it would be immediately obvious if any were employed. (VU2 working VE4 on 75? Puhleeeze!)

Also, I think the number of people who would enter this class is very small. Imagine the monstrous effort at international diplomacy, monetary outlay and technological prowess needed to pull this off.

I honestly don't think the radio purists (and I am one) have anything to worry about. 
I think enough of a distinction is drawn between the unlimited class and the rest of the unwashed masses (including me) that enter and will continue to enter the current classes.

Perhaps the only caveat other than N4ZR's that needs to be attached, to preserve the sanctity of DXCC rules and the competition among other classes, is that unlimited stations simply count for QSO points, no mults. So the VU2 working a VE4 on 75 meters through a remote site in Sri Lanka doesn't get to claim an otherwise impossible (or at least stratospherically improbable) multiplier. This could easily be accomodated in the exchange by using UL or unlimited instead of power levels or state (ARRL DX), zones or serial numbers (WW and WPX). (What meaning would a UL serial number have, anyway?)

73, kelly


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