[CQ-Contest] Right on Ron

Steven London smlondon at lucent.com
Thu Feb 24 07:44:52 EST 2000

Let's get real about this WRTC antenna switching "issue".

The participants have 2 antennas to choose from - a 40/80 windom and a
10/15/20 tribander.  That's it - no monoband stacks, beverages, 4-squares...

Think about it - the number of times that the participants will swap these 2
antennas in the course of a 24-hour, summertime contest is maybe 15-20
times.  Doing it manually is no big deal.  The converse of this statement is
that having a DPDT switch to flip between these 2 antennas is no big
competitive advantage, either.

Steve, N2IC
Team SCCC - WRTC-96
Team MRRC - WRTC-2000

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