[CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?

Jimmy D. Roller jdroller at naxs.net
Fri Feb 25 07:17:14 EST 2000

As a location/station/ability impaired would be contester for many
years, I have often been on the receiving end of a "takeover". My normal
response is to stick around for a few CQs and see who, if anyone, is
able to get some responses. If I'm still making Qs I just tighten up the
filters and ignore the interloper. If not, it's time to find another
frequency. Obviously, that is better than a frequency fight that
produces no rate for either station. Most frustrating though, is when
the taker-over starts a nice run. I usually get really ticked off for a
few seconds, then get frustrated and eventually QSY. From my LP
propective, I don't think a frequency take-over is OK, whatever the
circumstances, unless
I am not using the frequency i.e. calling CQ with no takers. Sure it's a
contest, but somewhere in the Amateur's Code it states the amateur is
courteous. That may be an old-fashioned concept, but one we should *all*
strive to live by.

My most recent experience came in the ARRL DX CW contest on Sunday AM. I
was bumping along at, for me, a pretty good rate. A NE station suddenly
appeared on frequency with no QRL? or ? or anything calling CQ. I went
into my tight filter mode and made a few more Qs. He made a couple, and
I'm sure we "shared" a couple, then zilch for either station from a CQ.
I would add that I had previuosly told the station QRL PSE. to no avail.
I was a bit tired and edgy, had a headache and wanted my breakfast, so I
got just mad enough to stay and "duke it out" and see what happened.
Well, for 3-4 minutes, we neither one made a contact. It was obvious he
was hearing me as each of his CQs was timed to start just as mine ended.
When I finally abdicated, I congratulated him on his feat and wished him
well. All I received in response was ?? Maybe he couldn't copy the 30
wpm code, I dunno. I went and took two aspirin and ate breakfast.
Result - I looked up the callsign and it belongs to a club. The trustee
is a proficient and well-known contester that I have worked many, many
times in the past. Whether this was a multi-op or not, I do not know.
Rest assured, neither call sign will receive a call from N4IR in the

So Kirk, in response to your question(s), my answer is no, no, no, etc.
It's probably too much to ask of the 90s culture, but can't we all just
get along?


Jim, N4IR

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