[CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?

Paul Hicks, VE3ZT VE3ZT at RAC.com
Fri Feb 25 10:25:51 EST 2000

Hi Rick, et al,

The following are my opinions only.

At 10:08 PM 2/24/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>The question is simple: is it OK to take a frequency from someone?

No. Your FCC has made this clear, even to the most ardend contester/list
runner/net. If the frequency is clear, one may use it. If it's busy, move
up or down and look for a clear frequency, just like the rest of us do.

Your FCC has gone to the extent of informing certain "net" and "list"
operators that they don't "own" frequencies.

>Are there times when it is OK and times when it is not?  Please explain.

How could it be okay at certain times and not okay at others?

>Are there "prime areas" where it is acceptable, and areas where it is not?

Like DX windows? What's dx in a "dx" window? To me a DJ is important if if
I need him. He's just covering up other Qs/mults if I don't. It's all

>Is it acceptable for mega-stations to battle it out in the "prime"
>real-estate, and the "meek & weak" should stay the hell away? :-)

We all get tired of seeing the big gun contest stations at the bottom end
of the band. Sometimes it's better to start high and work down to avoid
these guys. If you need them for a qso/mult, they'll be there all weekend.
We know that. Get them later when you've worked all the good stuff.

>Is it acceptable for a loud station to take whatever frequency
>they want, no matter where in the band?

No, but some do. And it's obvious from the posts lately that some don't
like it. On more than 1 occasion during contests, I've enquired if a
frequency is occupied, operated on that frequency, then to have another
station start calling CQ in my ear without enquiring if the frequency is
occupied. I tell him (it's alway a him) politely that the frequency is
indeed busy. He tells me that he went off to work a multiplier, that HE has
been on this frequency for the past 36 hours. How many of you have heard
this? Hundreds? Thousands?

How about Contesting.com putting up some polls on their website on this
stuff? Should big gunn m/m stations parks their lazy asses on the first 10
kHz of the band(s) for the weekend?

>Is there a line somewhere that can be crossed?  Where is it?
>In short, does might make right?   This IS a CONTEST, right?

It works for them (check their scores), but it's not right to take
frequencies from others, just like in most countries, it's not okay to
whack someone over the back of their head and relieve them of their wallet.
They should move up the band and find clear frequencies just like real

>If an op is running 70/hr on a frequency and you know you can 
>do 100+/hr, is it OK to jump in there and take over his/her 

No, of course not.

>Is courtesy an issue in contesting?  Or is it OK to
>bump weaker stations out of the way when you need a frequency
>and have the capability to take one?

Again, no. One can always resort to making life difficult for these guys.
If he's entitled to call CQ on top of you, the same must be true for you,
too. Try turning your beam in his direction and CQ when he's listening. He
will usually move in a few minutes if he doesn't get a run going. That's
what he's all about--running. Make life miserable for him when he's
listening, he's doing the same to you. Don't give up the frequency too
easily--just like him.

Hope to see everyone this weekend, there are lots of contests!

Hope this helps.

73, Paul

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