[CQ-Contest] Re: Does might make right in contesting?

Douglas Priest w3cf at email.msn.com
Fri Feb 25 11:48:55 EST 2000

Hi KirK...

Ethical? Of Course not!  But it happens all time. I can remember working at
a east coast 5 tower multi in ARRL Phone. Running 5/5/5 @ 150' running
Europe. A 6 tower m/m station closer to Europe with more aluminum decides he
likes my frequency. I know he heard me, he answered my response to his CQ
with home call on first transmission thru Europe, but it was the easiest
freq he could find and the op really didn't care that it had been occupied.
I just filed it into memory and QSY'd.  I must admit to moving my pileup on
top of his from V2 in CQ :-) the following fall. I ask forgiveness.    :-)

How can you expect ethical behaviour from EVERYONE in our society  when
hardly anyone regards a STOP or yield sign.  Folks will put your LIFE and
theirs at stake to save 40 feet or 10 seconds. Why would something as
trivial as contesting allow them to follow the amateur code of ethics. It is
up to each individual to run his station ethically. If you don't your peers
will know what kind of Op you are.

Just use the time you get bumped off frequency to S&P till you find a spot
where you can elbow in. Time spent in a frequency fight unless you KNOW you
can win is wasted time. As Patrick mentioned there are no gentlemen after
0000z. Just adapt and move on. Compete against yourself. Your goal should be
to do better in your next contest than you did in your last AND HAVE MORE
FUN, too!

See you on the  bands!

Doug W3CF

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